Recent CAMB News and Awards

April 2024

The annual Students vs. Faculty basketball game on April 4, 2024 resulted in a final score of 53 (Students) to 56 (Faculty).  Many fans were on hand to cheer on both sides and everyone had a great time. 

July 2022

Congratulations to Darwin Ye as one of The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy 2022 Early Career Research Award Winners

April 2022
  • Congratulations to the current and incoming CAMB students selected for the 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program! Recipient: Morgan McGrath. Honorable Mentions: Jasmine Akoto, Jillian Eisenhauer, and Taylor Yount.
  • The CAMB Community Service Awards recognize remarkable contributions aimed at building a more supportive, diverse, inclusive, and equitable community, thereby enabling members of our community to thrive and succeed professionally and personally. This year we had four winners: Nawar Naseer and Prioty Sawar, Maya Hale, and Dr. Donita Brady!
    Nawar and Prioty are the co-founders of the Minority Support Network, now known as the Trainee Advocacy Alliance, a critical resource of support for students who experience bias and discrimination. They also helped develop the CAMB Racial Equity and Action Lecture Series.
    Maya serves as lead fellow with the IDEAL-R Program in the recruitment and support of BGS and PennPREP students, especially those underrepresented in science. Maya has also played a leadership role in numerous anti-racist initiatives on campus.
    Donita is a valued leader in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion in CAMB/BGS, instituting substantial improvements in Penn's infrastructure for supporting diverse trainees. Most recently, she became the director of the newly established IDEAL-R Program.
March 2022
  • Huge congrats to CAMB faculty Dan Beiting, the 2022 recipient of the Jane M. Glick Graduate Student Teaching Award, and Chris Hunter, the 2022 recipient of the Michael P. Nusbaum Graduate Student Mentoring Award. Both extremely well deserved!
June 2021
  • June 14th - the Cancer Biology Racial Justice Working Group hosted the co-chairs of the NIH UNITE Initiative for a presentation in the R.E.A.L. series. Link to the Recording. PDF of the slides. Thank you to Bailey Nance and Becca Glynn for moderating.
May 2021
April 2021
  • Please join in congratulating Daniel Baker (DSRB, 1st year) who has been selected for the Dan David Prize Scholarship in Molecular Medicine.
  • Congratulations to the two CAMB 2021 Saul Winegrad Award winners for outstanding thesis; Dr. Hoang Bui Nguyen (G&E, recent alum of the Lazar lab) and Dr. Jinyang Li (CB, recent alum of the Stanger lab)!
July 2020
  • Bridget Gosis (G&E, Arany lab) and Tiffany Tsang (CB, Brady lab) are the CAMB recipients of the 2020 Blavatnik Family Fellowship in Biomedical Research
  • CAMB student Ryan Daniels (DSRB, Mauck lab) has been selected for the prestigious 2020 HHMI Gilliam Graduate Fellowship award
June 2020
  • Two years ago Chris Natale (DSRB, now alum of the Ridky lab) published a paper in eLife on the tumor suppressive role of GPER in melanoma. Now they were granted FDA Fast Track Designation for their GPER agonist in αPD-1 refractory melanoma. Congrats to Chris and team!
  • Congrats to our CAMB faculty, Drs. Ben Prosser and Ken Margulies, on a $6.5 Million Transatlantic Grant to Investigate Cytoskeleton’s Role in Heart Disease from the Leducq Foundation. Read more here.
May 2020
  • Courtney Comar (MVP, Weiss lab) was highlighted for her contributions to COVID19 work.
April 2020
  • Congratulations to the two CAMB 2020 Saul Winegrad Award winners for outstanding thesis; Dr. Valeria Reyes Ruiz (MVP, recent alum of the Shin lab) and Dr. Steven Zhao (CB, recent alum of the Wellen lab)!
  • CAMB Student Naveen Jain (G&E, Raj lab) is the inaugural winner of the Michael Brown Fellowship for MD/PhD students. This recognition of Naveen’s accomplishments and future potential is so well deserved.
  • Congratulations to Kevin Alicea-Torres (GTV, Gabrilovich lab), who is a recipient of The President's and Provost's Honor for Developing New Initiatives in Graduate & Professional Student Life at the University of Pennsylvania!
March 2020
  • Please join in congratulating the CAMB students selected as Recipients or Honorable Mentions for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship this year. This is a highly competitive program and we are proud of their accomplishments.
    Recipients: Maya Hale (DSRB), Elizabeth Mercado Ayon (DSRB), Elana Pyfrom (G&E)
    Honorable Mentions: Corey Holman (CPM), Gabriella Rice (DSRB), Alexander Smith (MVP), Joshua Soto Ocaña (MVP)
October 2019
  • Congratulations to Derek Liberti (DSRB, Morrisey lab) for winning the Jon Samuel Kanefield Prize for Cystic Fibrosis Research which recognizes his forthcoming paper in Developmental Biology entitled, “Dnmt1 is required for proximal-distal patterning of the lung endoderm and for restraining alveolar type 2 cell fate.”
  • Congratulations to CAMB Faculty Dr. Arjun Raj, recipient of the NIH Director's Transformative Research Award! Click here to learn more Dr. Raj's project.
  • CAMB 2019 Symposium Poster Prize Winners: Zeyu Chen (CB, Wherry lab); Alex Salomon (CPM, Prosser lab); Nick Holdreith (DSRB, Tong lab); Monica Jimenez (G&E, Henao-Mejia lab); Sangya Agarwal (GTV, June lab); Jayesh Tandel (MVP, Striepen lab)
August 2019
  • Congratulations to Jeremy Grevet (G&E, alum of the Blobel lab) for winning the 2019 Kaushal Family Award in Genetics, which recognizes excellence in genetic research shown by a notable publication in their field
  • CAMB student Natasha Lopes Fisher (MVP, Shin lab) has been selected for the prestigious 2019 HHMI Gilliam Graduate Fellowship award 
  • Kelsey Kaeding (G&E, Zaret lab) and Danielle Murashige (CPM, Arany lab) are the CAMB recipients of the 2019 Blavatnik Family Fellowship in Biomedical Research
July 2019
June 2019
  • CAMB Students Jen Aleman (G&E, Capelson lab) and Jaimarie Sostre (CB, Titchenell lab) won first and second place for their posters at the SACNAS Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting.
  • The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research awarded a grant of $12 million to establish The Mark Foundation Center for Immunotherapy, Immune Signaling, and Radiation at the University of Pennsylvania, which will be led by CAMB Faculty Dr. Andy Minn
May 2019
  • Congratulations to the two CAMB 2019 Saul Winegrad Award winners for outstanding thesis; Dr. Robert Dilley (CB, recent alum of the Greenberg lab) and Dr. Yong Hoon Kim (G&E, recent alum of the Lazar lab)!
April 2019
March 2019
December 2018

Congratulations to CAMB Faculty Drs. Jean Bennett and Katherine High on being named winners of the Sanford Health Lorraine Cross Award. Their collaboration led to the first ever FDA approval of a gene therapy treatment for a genetic disease.

November 2018
  • CAMB Faculty Dr. Kiran Musunuru will receive the American Philosophical Society's 2018 Judson Daland Prize for Achievement in Patient-oriented Clinical Research
  • Congratulations to Camille Syrett (DSRB, Anguera lab) for winning a poster award at the 2018 Penn Epigenetics retreat
October 2018
  • CAMB Faculty Dr. Matthew Kayser was awarded the NIH Director's New Innovator Award
  • CAMB 2018 Symposium Poster Prize Winners: Salina Yuan (CB, Stanger lab); Bailey Bauman (CPM, Dunaief lab); Chris Greer (DSRB, Stedman lab); Niambi Brewer (G&E, Shore lab); Leon Morales (GTV, Stedman & Bennett labs); Christin Herrmann (MVP, Weitzman lab)
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018
  • PICI co-director and CAMB Faculty Dr. E. John Wherry was appointed the new chair of the department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics in Penn Medicine
May 2018
December 2017
  • Kevin Alicea-Torres (GTV, Gabrilovich lab) was co-winner of the Dr. Monica H.M. Shander Memorial Fellowship Award for 2017
October 2017
  • CAMB 2017 Symposium Poster Prize Winners: Caiyue Xu (CB, Berger lab); Katelyn Miller (CPM, Rall lab); Ben Tajer (DSRB, Mullins lab); Mischa Li (G&E, Greenberg lab); Scott Dooley (GTV, Bennett lab); Stephen Goldstein (MVP, Weiss lab)
September 2017
  • Steven Zhao (CB, Wellen lab) was awarded a F99/K00 Individual Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award from NCI
  • Camille Syrett (DSRB, Anguera lab) was awarded a NIH-NRSA fellowship from NIGMS
August 2017
May 2017