Idea Library

  • Visit Icek Ajzen's website and follow his posted advice on using TPB to plan an intervention.
  • Review the following document and prepare a questionnaire designed to assess the TRA / TPB constructs.

    Francis JJ, Eccles MP, Johnston M, et al. Constructing Questionnaires Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Manual for Health Services Researchers. Centre for Health Services Research, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom. May 2004.
  • Suggested discussion questions:
    1. How does the Theory of Planned Behavior contribute volitional control to the Theory of Reasoned Action?
    2. Discuss the similarities and differences in the constructs which serve as the primary determinants for behavior in TRA / TPB and IBM.
    3. Describe what is meant by "elicitation study" and why they might be necessary to TRA, TPB, and IBM.
    4. Choose a health behavior you're interested in studying and evaluate which of the three, TRA / TPB and IBM, could be most appropriate to apply and why.
    5. Discuss the process for theory use in intervention planning (i.e. applying the theory to a health behavior, the correct methodology for testing relationships between constructs, the use of elicitation studies, developing questionnaires, identifying ways to change intention / change behavior, using findings to direct intervention planning.