Appraisal support: Information that is useful for self-evaluation.

Complexity: Extent to which social relations serve many functions.

Density: Extent to which network members know & interact with each other.

Directionality: Extent to which members of the dyad share equal power and influence.

Emotional closeness: See intensity/strength.

Emotional support: Expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring.

Formality: Extent to which social relationships exist in the context of organizational or institutional roles.

Geographic dispersion: Extent to which network members live in close proximity to focal person.

Homogeneity: Extent to which network members are demographically similar.

Informational support: Advice, suggestions, and information.

Instrumental support: Tangible aid and service.

Intensity/strength: Extent to which social relationships offer emotional closeness.

Reciprocity: Extent to which resources and support are both given and received.

Social Network: Web of social relationships that surround individuals.

Social Support: Consists of 4 dimensions - emotional, informational, instrumental, appraisal.