PRECEDE: Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational/Environmental Diagnosis and Evaluation

PROCEED: Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development.

PRECEDE-PROCEED Model: a structure for applying theories and concepts systematically for planning and evaluating health behavior change programs.

Social Assessment: the application, through broad participation, of multiple sources of information, both objective, designed to expand mutual understanding of people regarding their aspirations for the common good.

Concept Mapping: A structured group activity that allows participants to generate a large number of ideas that are then subjected to quantitative analysis. The analysis results in cluster maps that show participants' ideas in relation to one another, and, with input from the participants, final agreement is reached on the concept maps that best reflect the participants' views.

Community Organization: A process by which community groups are helped to identify common problems or goals, mobilize resources, and develop and implement strategies for reaching the goals they have set collectively.

Community Mobilization: A process that involves community members in activities ranging from defining prevention needs (problem identification, needs assessment, program design) to obtaining community support for a pre-designed program.

Social Cognitive Theory: Behavior, cognition, and other personal factors have reciprocal relationships with environments, so they continually influence one another, and that behavior is influenced by observing others and by receiving reinforcement.

Predisposing Factors: Antecedents to behavior that provide the rationale or motivation for the behavior.

Reinforcing Factors: Factors following a behavior that provide continuing reward or incentive for the persistence or repetition of the behavior.

Enabling Factors: antecedents to behavioral or environmental change that allow a motivation or environmental policy to be realized.