Quiz Questions

  1. For each of the following examples, classify the stage of research being utilized:
    1. Assessing the validity and reliability of a new self-esteem scale
    2. Assessing the impact of a widely distributed brochure on teen smoking rates
    True or False
  2. The RE-AIM Framework specifically addresses the policy implications of the intervention
  3. Logic Models depict the theoretical pathways and mediators for an intervention program
  4. Mediation analysis can be used to test whether your program impacts men and women differently
  5. The TREND Statement can assist researchers in designing interventions
  6. For each of the following research designs, indicate whether the TREND, CONSORT or STROBE Statement would be appropriate:
    1. Evaluation of a smoking cessation intervention where participants are randomized to treatment and control
    2. Evaluation of an exercise program for older adults where one entire retirement complex volunteered to serve as the treatment group and another volunteered to serve as the control group
    3. Survey of patients at a given STD clinic to determine their level of condom use

Answer Key: 1a. Methods development 1b. Dissemination 2. False 3. True 4. False 5. False 6a. CONSORT 6b. STROBE 6c. TREND