• Exemplars - are constructed to serve as illustrative of a general class of events.
  • Knowledge Gap Hypothesis - Propose that an increasing flow of information into a social system (e.g. from a media campaign) is more likely to benefit groups of higher socioeconomic status (SES) than their counterparts with lower SES.
  • Media effects - Effects of exposure to media content on individuals and population groups.
  • Media- interconnected organizations that systematically collect, process and disseminate news, information, entertainment and advertising worldwide and provide global platforms for interaction.
  • Media Organizations - are bureaucracies in which tasks are specialized and routinized to create news, advertising, entertainment and various combinations.
  • Media Studies Framework - examines conditions, processes and structures that influence the development of media content and the effects of exposures to that content among individuals, institutions and societies.
  • Narratives - stories with a persuasive twist to them.