Learning Objectives

Website Section

User should be able to:

What's it all about?
(Key Constructs)
1. Describe four types of social support.

2. Explain hypothesized pathways in the social networks model.

3. Describe social networks using characteristics of the network as a whole and characteristics of specific relationships.
How do I know if it works?
1. Describe what issues should be considered when measuring constructs.

2. Identify strengths and limitations of available measures.
Yes, but how well does it work?
(Empirical testing)
1. Evaluate evidence for social networks using information. about measurement, study design and data analysis.
Make it happen!
1. Explain practical application of social networks and social support in health-related research.

2. Describe how social networks and social support may differ in intervention and non-intervention studies.
The good, the bad & the ugly
1. Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of using social networks and social support to understand health.