FEDS and the PSOM CV

  • The FEDS CV is included in dossiers for appointment, reappointment, and promotion and is a critical part of academic review.
  • For academic review CVs should be as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
  • FEDS CV and Grants Guidelines should be followed.


Faculty Profile / Online Presence 

Best practices and instructions for updating health system and faculty profiles. 


Access Faculty Expertise Database System (FEDS) via my.med.upenn.edu 

  • A PennKey and password is required to access and edit FEDS.  
  • New candidates will require a Guest Record before a FEDS account can be created. 
  • Faculty Coordinators should submit a FEDS Guest Record Request to initiate a record for new faculty recruits. 
  • Once a faculty member has access to a FEDS account they can manage access rights for any support staff through the Grant FEDS Access tab in the FEDS system.
  • User Guide - Granting Access to Faculty Records in FEDS