EDB Item Description Required Notes
Section 1 From FEDs Yes Your CV should be up-to-date and thoroughly edited.
Section 2 Personal Statement for CE and Tenure Yes Your Personal Statement should be prepared in accordance with the guidelines for your track. The teaching section of your personal statement should address your teaching focus, strengths, philosophy, and any significant contributions and or innovations, such as creating a new course, writing a book that is used in the course, etc. 
Section 3 Teaching Activities Workbook Yes

Your submitted Teaching Activities Workbook should include three Excel Spreadsheet tabs, one for each of the past three years.  

Section 4 Evaluation Data* Yes

This section should include evaluative data from the past three years.**

  • TED: use the the Detail Report
  • HAMSTER: use the Evaluation Summary & Comments Report
  • You should also include any evaluative data from CME lectures and teaching outside of the University of Pennsylvania that took place within the past three years. CME data should be obtained from the director or administrator for that teaching event.
  • Be sure to check both TED and HAMSTER for any applicable BGS data.
Section 5a Education Officer Letter*** Yes Your department Education Officer will write a teaching evaluation letter that is included in the EDB. This letter provides a detailed summary of your teaching activities, including your degree of teaching participation, a performance evaluation for each teaching activity, a summary of teaching contributions, and the impact on your teaching on the department and school. If there is outlier data in section 4, it must be explained in this letter. 
Section 5b Chair of Graduate Group Letter (See EO) If you are a member of a BGS graduate group, please work with your Faculty Coordinator to be sure your EDB includes a letter from the chair of your primary graduate group.  
Section 5c Letters from Peers, Trainees, and/or Students (See EO) If you primarily teach in areas that are not formally evaluated (e.g., if you primarily mentor trainees, supervise scholarship, oversee lab rotations), you may be asked to submit 3-5 letters from peers, trainees, and/or students as appropriate. If you are unsure whether you need these additional letters, please contact Academic Programs (see below).

EDB Submissions Protocol

Your department Faculty Coordinator should submit your EDB to Academic Programs via Penn’s Secure Share

Submission should include

  1. EDB Complete
    1. All required documents combined into ONE PDF
    2. Order as table of contents above 
  2. ADDITIONAL Teaching Workbook in Excel format
  3. Document Title: EDB.Date.Last Name.First Name

Academic Programs Staff Contact

For information related to the Educational Database, please contact Academic Programs Staff:

Anna Delaney

Director, Curriculum Office

Jordan Medical Education Center



Kelli Cave

Associate Director, Curriculum Office

Jordan Medical Education Center



*Include internal and external data.

**For questions and issues regarding TED and HAMSTER data, please contact:

Ursula Anderson: Ursula.Anderson@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


***The EO letter includes: 

  1. Overview of teaching for past 3 years (Candidate may be asked to work with EO on this section)
  2. Overview of teaching administration
  3. Analysis of internal evaluation data
  4. Analysis of external data
  5. Summary