Online Health Care Assessment: Take this online assessment to see if you are on track for health, fitness, and overall wellness. 


Biometric Screenings

Free on-campus biometric screenings provide you with key indicators of your health status, such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Participants receive immediate feedback on their results.


University Be In the Know

As a partner in your wellbeing, Penn supports you in achieving your health and wellness goals. This year, University Be In the Know offers you even more ways to learn about your health and reach your personal goals. In the process, you can earn up to $300!


Penn's Quit Smoking Program

Penn's Quit Smoking program offers a variety of resources to help you become—and stay—nicotine free.


Fitness Discounts

Going to a gym helps you stay focused and get inspired. The University of Penn has different fitness discounts to meet the needs of our employees and their family. GlobalFit offers the guaranteed lowest rates to thousands of gyms. Penn Campus Recreation offers innovative programs and services to provide the Penn community with an opportunity to improve your overall wellbeing. Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA and Regional Y Alliances offer a 10% monthly membership discount to all Penn employees with valid PennCards and a waived joiner fee. Please visit any of these programs to see which discount works for you.