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Love Letter
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The Rx/Museum


The Rx/Museum Initiative brings the museum experience to the clinician. Featuring 52 original works from Philadelphia arts institutions, our collection pairs artworks with insightful commentary about medicine as a humanistic practice. In examining themes such as community, memory, and relationships, we seek to position the arts as integral to fostering meaningful connection and experience within medicine and beyond.  Read more on their website, rxmuseum.org,  where a piece from Rx/Museum is featured on a rolling basis.



The amazing thing about graffiti is that it exists to market only itself. You see something in a place where it doesn’t belong - your mind starts to wonder as to how it got there, who was that person and what motivated them to climb that rooftop to do that thing, to make it beautiful, to avoid the law, to avoid being seen, to get down from the roof, to get back to their house safe and sound ... you’re seeing an adventure. And it’s not a Kool-Aid ad, it’s not a cigarette ad, it's something that’s giving you strength and life and vitality and it’s telling you something about the length that people will go to to make you aware that they’re there.     - Stephen Powers