Resources for Mentors

  • Print-and-Go: Best Practices Tip Sheet for Mentors
  • Download the MENTEE Prep Toolkit. Go right to the materials you can send to potential trainees/mentees to help them prepare for a meeting with you. The Mentee Prep Toolkit includes: 
    • Mentee Needs Self Assessment: Helps mentees determine the kind of mentoring they are really looking for.
    • Independent Development Plans: Comprehensive self-evaluation tool by track for mentees to prepare to meet mentors and for mentors to provide guidance. 
    • Interviewing and Selecting Mentors: Guides mentees in determining how to recognize a good mentoring relationship match. 
    • Meeting Agenda and Structure Guide: Supports mentees as they prepare for and then facilitate a meeting with their


PSOM Career Tracks

Use these resources to educate yourself about your mentee's track. Share them with others who may not be up to date.

Mentoring Guides


  • Department COAP Chairs
  • Department Vice Chairs of Faculty Affairs / Faculty Development
  • Department Education Officers
  • OAA