Resources for Mentors

  • Print-and-Go: Best Practices Tip Sheet for Mentors
  • Download the MENTEE Prep Toolkit. Go right to the materials you can send to potential trainees/mentees to help them prepare for a meeting with you. The Mentee Prep Toolkit includes: 
    • Mentee Needs Self Assessment: Helps mentees determine the kind of mentoring they are really looking for.
    • Independent Development Plans: Comprehensive self-evaluation tool by track for mentees to prepare to meet mentors and for mentors to provide guidance. 
    • Interviewing and Selecting Mentors: Guides mentees in determining how to recognize a good mentoring relationship match. 
    • Meeting Agenda and Structure Guide: Supports mentees as they prepare for and then facilitate a meeting with their mentor. 

Learn to Lead in Professionalism: Follow Jody Foster, MD, MBA, Assistant Dean of Professionalism as she builds our RISE resources for Respect, Integrity, Self-Care, Etiquette.


Career Tracks  

The Master Slide Deck has chapters that correlate to policies such as Extensions, Faculty Leave, etc. Before using this deck to present specific chapters to your mentees, please review correlating policies and slide notes in full.


Mentoring Guides