Longitudinal Mentoring Cohort Programs

Alliance of Minority Physicians

  • Best For: Faculty members who belong to an underrepresented minority group, and who are physicians; Read more …
  • Institutional Sponsor: University Provost's Office

Penn Pathways

  • Best For: Junior STEMM faculty on the CE and Tenure tracks; Read more ...
  • Institutional Sponsor: University Provost's Office

PACE: Program to Advance Clinician Educators

  • Best For: Clinician Educators in their second year; Read more …
  • Institutional Sponsor: Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Mid-Career Faculty Longitudinal Cohort Program

  • Best For: Women AND men in academic medicine; mid-career;  Read more ...
  • Institutional Sponsor: FOCUS

Envisioning the Later Stage of Career Program

  • Best For: Women in academic medicine; later career; Read more ...
  • Institutional Sponsor: FOCUS

Research Mentor Training

  • Best For: Faculty who have been reappointed twice; Read more
  • Institutional Sponsor: Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Peer Mentoring, Collaboration, and Social Programs

Anna T. Meadows Society

  • Best For: Faculty on the Clinician Educator Track (all ranks). Read more …
  • Institutional Sponsor: Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

PSOM Meet-Ups

  • Best For: PSOM faculty members searching to join or create groups for career growth or social purposes.  Read more ...
  • Institutional Sponsor: Penn Medicine Wellness

Richards Society

  • Best For: Assistant Professors on the Tenure Track. Read more ...
  • Institutional Sponsor: Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer