• A vote by the Department and PSOM COAPs is not required.
  • Provost Staff Conference review and approval is not required.
  • The secondary department chair requests approval from primary department chair via a signed letter/request. The primary department chair will indicate approval by cosigning the request, which is then submitted to OAA.
  • The secondary department is responsible for coordinating requests and submissions for actions related to secondary appointments without voting rights.  


Appointment and Reappointments

A signed letter from the chair of the secondary department requesting a 1) secondary appointment or 2) continuation of a secondary appointment without voting rights should be sent to the chair of the primary department for their signature and approval. 

  • A brief reason for the secondary should be included.
  • The letter should include start date and period of appointment. The period of appointment for secondary appointments is typically 3 to 5 years; however, the secondary appointment cannot exceed the approved end date of the faculty member’s primary appointment.
  • The secondary department will submit the signed letter to OAA.



When a faculty member is promoted in his/her primary department, the secondary department must submit a letter noting the approval of the promotion for the secondary appointment.

  • Promotion in the secondary appointment typically coincides with the effective date of the promotion in the primary appointment.
  • The period of the promotion in the secondary appointment should be for 3 to 5 to five years from the effective date, with reappointments necessary if secondary is continuing beyond that date. 
  • The secondary department will submit the signed letter to OAA.