What should you do if your normal commuting mode is suddenly unavailable? Access the The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program! This service provides a "safety net" for commuters working in southeastern Pennsylvania who carpool, vanpool or use public transportation on a regular basis.


Penn Commuting and Transportation Options

The Train and Bus System

SEPTA is a regional public transportation authority[4] that operates various forms of public transit services—bus, subway and elevated rail, commuter rail, light rail and electric trolleybus. SEPTA is the major transit provider for Philadelphia and its suburbs in Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties.The  SEPTA Map will help you with planning 

Do you know about our SEPTA Discounts? Compass Program (SEPTA): 10% discount on Transpasses and Trailpasses (on top of the first $240 being pre-tax) and Septa Pass Perks (for weekly or monthly SEPTA Pass only) offers discounts and other perks in and around Philadelphia.


Biking In

Penn has outstanding resources and benefits to encourage cycle commuting.  

Driving In

There are several lots to choose from, but you will need to purchase a permit.

Ride Share Options

  • Carpool. Current Penn Parking permit patrons can take advantage of discounts based on occupancy and location choices by teaming up to form a Carpool. Registration is on an annual basis and each carpool member will receive a pre-tax deduction via payroll. Carpool discounts: 25% for a two person car pool; 50% for a three person car pool; and 75% for a four person car pool. To enroll in the Carpool Program please click here: Carpool Program. Please send email to parking@upenn.edu if you would like additional information.
  • Car Sharing. If you only need a vehicle occasionally, car sharing is a good option. It gives you the benefits of owning a vehicle without the expenses and decreases congestion in and around campus. The University has contracted with car sharing companies, to provide incentives to members of the Penn Community to use car sharing for both departmental or personal use.
  • Vanpool. As part of Penn’s Sustainable Transportation Initiative, Penn Transportation and Parking has joined with VPSI, a national leader in vanpooling and sustainable transportation, to expand vanpooling options to Penn faculty and staff. Vanpooling helps ease traffic congestion in and around campus and supports Penn’s Climate Action Plan by lowering the University’s carbon footprint. For more information or to join a vanpool call VRide at 1-800-VAN-RIDE (826-7433) or visit www.vride.com.