PSYCHIATRIC CRISIS? National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 Call or visit Pennsylvania Hospital CRC: 215-829-5433 or reach out to via EAP for free, 24/7 counseling and referral services.


For Individuals Seeking Coping Options

Read coping options here, and select on your own, or go to PennCOBALT and see what the our behavior health platform recommends for you.


Resilience Coaches

Scheduled through PennCOBALT: Connect with Support

Who: Best suited for those seeking coping/resilience strategies on a brief, individual level

Format: Virtual 1:1 sessions with individuals trained in evidence-based “psychological first aid”


  • Individual, brief support and assistance (NOT to be confused with individual psychotherapy)
  • Can connect individuals to a variety of resources and professional services as necessary


Psychotherapy (Short Term) 

Find 1:1 help

Who: Best suited for those experiencing acute issues with adjustment or transition, mild depression or anxiety, or work/life balance.

Format: Varying

Description: Short-term, supportive psychotherapy through Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

How it Works

When an employee calls, an intake is completed by a licensed clinical social worker to determine what resources can best assist a caller. This includes outside resources for financial management, childcare, and work/life balance, mandatory/formal referrals, and the possibility of 8 psychotherapy sessions for Penn employees for issues that met EAP criteria such as issues with adjustment or transition, depression, anxiety, or work-life balance that are new (<6 months) or acute. If the caller would be better served with long term therapy, they are referred based on their behavioral health benefit to a Penn clinic or to outside providers. Licensed Clinical Social Workers are also Penn psychotherapy providers and there are EAP providers in the community as an alternative to Penn based treatment. EAP does not provide medication management.


Psychotherapy (Ongoing)

Scheduled through PennCOBALT: Connect with Support

Who: Best suited for those with ongoing symptoms including anxiety, depression, trauma response

Format: Varying

Description: Evidence-based individual psychotherapy services by licensed clinicians



Scheduled through PennCOBALT: Connect with Support or Penn Psychiatry Clinic at 866-301-4724

Who: Best suited for those dealing with difficulties such as persistent insomnia, anxiety, depression and trouble functioning from stress related to COVID

Format: Varying


  • Assessment/diagnosis/treatment of mental health symptoms, staffed by telehealth psychiatrists
  • Option for medication management for symptom treatment