Faculty Income Allowance Program

The Faculty Income Allowance Program (FIAP) is a program designed to recognize the service that certain senior faculty members (tenured members of the Standing Faculty and Associate Professor or Professor of the Standing Faculty-Clinician Educator) have performed for the University and to provide supplemental income for those faculty members when they terminate employment (as defined in the policy) under the terms of the Plan.

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Emeritus status can be conferred upon professors and associate professors in the Standing Faculty and upon Standing Faculty clinician-educators at the time of their retirement. A faculty member may continue to use the title Professor or may choose to use the title “Professor Emeritus/a”. The election of which title to use should be made at the time of retirement and a representative of the faculty member’s department so notified.

*Faculty member should note their intention to use the emeritus designation in their retirement letter or email. 


Print-and-Go Table

Track Reason(s) Required From Department* Administrative Notes
CE, Tenure

Retirement from Penn 

  • Regular Retirement
  • FIAP
  1. Faculty Termination Form
  2. Letter or email stating intention to retire and effective date 
  • Change to emeritus status will be processed and submitted for Provost approval
  • Standing faculty (Tenure and C-E) are the only tracks eligible to become Emeritus status upon retirement
AC, Research Retirement
  1. Faculty Termination Form
  2. Letter or email stating intention to retire and effective date
  • When submitting both a retirement letter and termination form, ensure the dates and reason are consistent
  • Emeritus status does not apply

Adjunct, Clinical, Wistar, Visiting

Retirement or end of appointment
  1. Faculty Termination Form


  • If Clinical track termination, indicate if remaining PMC (if applicable)

* Work with payroll coordinator to ensure required information has been entered into the system.
** When submitting resignation letters and termination forms, ensure the dates and reasons are consistent across both documents.