Educational Database (EDB)

An Educational Database is required for promotion to Associate or full Professor on the Academic Clinician, Clinician Educator, and Tenure tracks.  An EDB may also be necessary for some appointments at higher ranks when the candidate is already a member of the Penn Community; see your Faculty Coordinator to determine if an EDB will be necessary. 

Educational Database Guidelines
This document provides important guidance on completing and submitting the Educational Database; please review before starting the EDB.

EDB Sections

Table of Contents Table of Contents template
Section 1 FEDS CV
Section 2

Personal Statement - Academic Clinician Track
Personal Statement - Clinician Educator & Tenure Tracks

Section 3 Teaching Activities Workbook
Section 4 Evaluation Data
Section 5a Education Officer Letter
Section 5b Graduate Group Chair Letter (if applicable, see EDB guidelines)
Section 5c Other Letters - Peers, Trainees, and/or Students (if applicable, see EDB guidelines)


TED (Teaching Evaluation Data)
Online report of teaching evaluations, for evaluations capture after July 1, 2017. TED can be accessed via the MY.MED portal.

Online report of teaching evaluations, for evaluations captured prior to July 1, 2017. HAMSTER can be accessed via the MY.MED portal.

PSOM Teaching and Education Definition
The Perelman School of Medicine guidelines for defining and quantifying teaching and educational effort – Effective September 1, 2018

Teaching Credits/Workbook FAQs
Revised September 2018

Secure Share
Faculty Coordinators will submit the EDB via the University’s secured file exchange application

Have a question about teaching credits or the EDB?  Contact your department’s Education Officer or the Office of Academic Programs - Anna Delaney, Director / Kelli Cave, Associate Director with question or concerns.