Nomination Packet

Nominations will include:

  • A letter of nomination. If the nominator is the nominee's division chief/department chair, see instructions in the bullets below.
  • A letter from the nominee's division chief/department chair. The letter will acknowledge support and responsibilities to fulfill expectations associated with designation as Master Clinician.
  • If the candidate is from CCA, the letter of nomination/support should come from Dr. Ronald Barg or his designee.
  • A maximum of three additional letters from others (faculty, staff, trainees) in Penn Medicine, CHOP, or VA. One of the letters of support may be from outside Penn Medicine.
  • A core philosophy statement from the nominee. A core philosophy statement differs from the personal statement required for promotion in that it focuses on the nominee’s core philosophy on patient care and on teaching, personal values and beliefs, the importance of professionalism, and other areas relevant to being a Master Clinician at Penn Medicine.
  • Nominee's CV.

The letter of nomination and all other letters of support should include specific examples which illustrate the principles of the Master Clinician. These letters may address aspects of the following characteristics: core philosophy, clinical excellence, professionalism, role model, teaching and reputation. All letters may not exceed two pages.

An electronic copy of each completed nomination packet should be sent by the nominator in its entirety no later than October 2, 2020 to The Academy of Master Clinicians Selection Committee c/o Victoria Mulhern Email: Phone: 215-898-6923.
PLEASE NOTE: Each nomination packet should be merged into one electronic document. 

Any questions may be directed to Victoria Mulhern at or 215-898-6923 or John Glick, M.D. at or 215-662-6065.