You will find even more Penn benefits in Worklife!

Penn offers great perks!

Here are just a few. 

  • University Resources for New and Prospective Faculty
  • Amazon Shipping at Penn: Do you know about this great Penn perk? It's a convenient and secure location for faculty and staff to pick up and return Amazon orders. Urban living is easier when you can count on online orders. You can activate the resource today with your Penn account.
  • Cell Phone Service: Cingular Wireless, Nextel, and Verizon Wireless offer discounts on cellular service plans and phones.
  • Computers: The Penn community receives an academic discount at the Computer Connection. 
  • Emergency Ride Home: In the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency, unexpected illness, unscheduled overtime or if the regular ride home is not available for certain reasons, registered commuters are provided with an emergency ride to their home, car or the place of the emergency.
  • Free Movie Rentals: You are allowed to borrow up to 4 movies at a time for 7 days each Van Pelt Library. Tip: Browse the online catalog before you go.
  • Ryan Hospital at Penn Vet: offers all Penn faculty and staff a 20% discount off hospital services and substantial discounts through the Ryan Hospital's Primary Care Service. They also offer a drop-off service for pets to minimize work-day interruptions.
  • Septa Pass Perks: Septa offers discounts and other perks in and around Philadelphia (for weekly or monthly SEPTA Pass only).
  • YouDecide@Penn: YouDecide is a portal offering Penn faculty and staff access to hundreds of discounts from local and national providers on goods and services. Providers include arts and cultural organizations, florists, apparel, entertainment, insurance products, home improvement, and many others