E-Learning modules are enduringly available resources designed for autonomous, discrete learning experiences. Most e-learning modules are designed to be completed in one sitting, although the Digital Welcome, see below, is also an enduring reference for teaching data and recommended pedagogical strategies.

E-Learning Modules via Knowledge Link

The Digital Welcome

The Digital Welcome is an e-learning module developed to provide new and existing faculty with information about institutional and learner expectations for teaching. Major sections include Learner Populations, The Evaluation System, Teaching Types, and Professionalism and Supervision. The Digital Welcome fulfills a component of the Professional Development Teaching Requirement for Assistant Professors (AC, CE, Tenure)


E-Learning Modules via LinkedIn Learning: Your Curated Playlist

Faculty at the Perelman School of Medicine have free access to these recommended e-learning modules, as well as LinkedIn Learning’s enormous database of instructional tutorials. 

The Adobe Suite


Productivity Tools

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E-Learning Modules for Teaching Coming Soon

  • Writing Letters of Recommendation for Trainees
  • Writing Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences

E-Learning Modules for Research

Human Research Protection Training — CITI

This e-learning module series is a required component of the Penn Clinical Research Onboarding and Certification Program, which is offered through the Office of Clinical Research. Faculty do not have to be formally enrolled in the program to access these modules. You will find many more useful e-learning modules from the Office of Clinical Research here.


E-Learning Modules Via Penn CME

The Penn CME site is a portal for the following e-learning modules: Best Practices in Primary Care—COPD, Best Practices in Primary Care—Hypertension, Best Practices in Primary Care--Type 2 Diabetes, Children's Roles in Medical Decisions, Current Topics in Sleep Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, Ethics of Human Research, HIV Grand Rounds from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Neuroethics, PennCME/BestPractice Type 2 Diabetes Performance Improvement Module, Talking Diabetes With Your Patients: Practical Strategies for Overcoming Barriers and Improving Care with Effective Communication Strategies, Tarasoff Duties, Viral Hepatitis Grand Rounds from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

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