At the Perelman School of Medicine, excellence in teaching is a core value and a vital component, along with patient care and research, of the institution’s tripartite mission. 

Program Introduction

The Professional Development Teaching Program for Assistant Professors

Tenure, Clinician Educator, Academic Clinician

In recognition of the importance of teaching, and in support of the teaching faculty, we have implemented an onboarding program for teaching. This program has been carefully designed to provide Assistant Professors with teaching responsibilities (i.e., those on the Academic Clinician, Clinician Educator, and Tenure tracks) the information and skills-practice that support success at reappointment and promotion.

Please note: first reappointment dossiers will not be reviewed by Department Committees on Appointments and Promotions or the school Committee on Appointments and Promotions until this requirement has been met.



Recommended Program


Program Goals

I. Communication of Critical Information Related to Teaching

Prior to the initiation of the reappointment process, faculty will understand institutional (and in some cases learner or trainee) expectations for

  • reappointment and promotion criteria for success in teaching
  • professionalism in teaching
  • mentoring and supervising scholarship
  • effective supervision of learners and trainees

II. Opportunity to Learn Best Practices

Prior to the initiation of the reappointment process, faculty will develop at least one preferred teaching venue and within that venue begin to apply best practices for (where applicable)

  • building and delivering an effective didactic
  • facilitating small groups, seminars, and other learner- or trainee-centered teaching
  • providing effective feedback

III. Orientation to University, School, and Health System Resources and Support

Prior to the initiation of the reappointment process, faculty will understand where to find resources for

  • wellness (their own and that of their learners and trainees)
  • mentoring and coaching related to teaching (rounding, delivering presentations, providing feedback, etc.)
  • professional development and Continuing Medical Education related to teaching, but also clinical skills, career development, leadership, research, and scholarship


Required by Month Three: The Digital Welcome 

The Digital Welcome

The Digital Welcome (e-learning module) is an orientation and reference tool that provides essential information about the Perelman School of Medicine teaching environments, standards, and expectations, as well as how you will be evaluated by trainees. While this e-learning module is open-ended and self-guided, there is a required short quiz on Professionalism in Teaching and the Effective Supervision of Learners. Click here to access the Digital Welcome in Knowledge Link.

As you receive new teaching assignments, and/or as you approach reappointment and promotion, return to the Digital Welcome for the embedded reference material, best practice teaching guides, and instructions for how to access your teaching evaluations.


Required By June 30th of First Full Academic Year: Teaching at PSOM 101

Teaching at the Perelman School of Medicine 101

Teaching at the Perelman School of Medicine 101 covers best practices and recommended pedagogical strategies for teaching and providing effective feedback to trainees. All course content is developed by Perelman School of Medicine faculty with expertise in specialty teaching and assessment domains. Course sessions are delivered as scheduled, online sessions with faculty facilitators. You can read more about our online course offerings and how they work here.

​Topics Include

  • Providing Effective Feedback
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Facilitating Small Groups and Seminars
  • Lecturing
  • Longitudinal Mentoring

Each session of this course runs for three weeks, with delivery milestones on Wednesday and Friday of each week. However, as there are no synchronous course elements where faculty are required to be online at the same time, you will have great flexibility in meeting course delivery milestones. It is not recommended, however, that you take this course while you are on service. 

Click below to enroll via PSOM Calendar. (Please note that this course had wait lists last year. We recommend you enroll early.)


Required by June 30th of Your Second Academic Year: Two Additional Electives

Teaching Electives

Select and complete TWO electives (by June 30th of your second academic year). Please note that the list of electives below includes e-learning modules, online courses, and traditional workshops, and that the Advance Catalog of all offerings for the academic year is published each fall and plan accordingly.


  • The Art of Speaking Science: Clear, Concise, Compelling Presentations
  • The Art of Speaking Science: From Stress to Success 
  • Effective Lecturing
  • Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
  • Incorporating Quality and Safety Teaching Moments into Patient Care 
  • Lecturing and Presenting on Camera
  • Providing Effective Feedback II (Online, No prerequisites required)
  • Providing Effective Feedback III (In Person, No prerequisites required)
  • Teaching Residents and Fellows to Disclose

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