There are so many university, school, and health system resources available to PSOM faculty, it often takes years to discover even a fraction of them. Don’t wait years. Find out who and what is here to support you in your research, teaching, and clinical effort.

This series is ideal for full-time faculty in years 1-3,YES- including faculty who practice at CHOP & non-clinical faculty - but open to all. You will be invited to monthly speaker series via BlueJeans and receive customized, curated resource packages. Register Here to receive calendar items for the speaker series (see below), topical info packs timed with each monthly topic, and invitations to participate in initiatives that increase your visibility amongst PSOM colleagues.

Fall 2020 Sessions

September: Faculty Tracks: Reappointments & Promotions
Monday, 9/28, 12PM-1
Presenters: David Margolis, MD, PhD, Chair of COAP; Jessica Dine, MD, Associate Dean of Faculty Professional Development

October: Teaching Expectations & Evaluations
Friday, 10/9, 12PM-1
Presenter: Jennifer Kogan, MD, Associate Dean of Student Success and Professional Development

November: Research Resources and Support 
Tuesday, 11/10, 3-4 -Updated Date
Presenters: Jonathan Epstein, MD, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, Louis Soslowsky, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Integration

December: Research and Conflicts of Interest
Tuesday, 12/1, 3-4
Topic: Conflicts of Interest and Your Research
Presenters: David Margolis, MD, PhD, Chair of COAP; Kelly Curran, Esquire

January: Well-being and Support
Wednesday, 1/13, 12:00-1:00
Presenter: Lisa Bellini, MD, Senior Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

February: Working with Industry
Date TBD

March: Mining Clinical Data
Tuesday, 3/2, 3:00 - 4:00

April: Virtual Networking​​​​​​​
Date TBD

May: Mentoring Up
Date TBD

June: For Your Family: Perks and Benefits for Penn Faculty and their Families
Date TBD

Check back at a later date for the full Spring 2021 schedule. 


Note: This series is supplemental to the Onboarding for Teaching program and does not count towards teaching elective requirements.