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"The Medical Faculty Senate is the open forum of the Medical Faculty for discussion of all issues affecting the operation and development of the Medical Center." Excerpted from the Bylaws.

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The Medical Faculty Senate's Steering Committee meets at regular intervals and conducts the normal business of the faculty with respect to educational affairs. On matters of substantial importance to the Medical Faculty at large, or when new policies are involved, the Steering Committee will present the issue at the regular meetings of the Medical Faculty Senate or will conduct a mail ballot, poll, or referendum of the entire membership.

Elections are held in the spring of each year to determine the membership of both the Medical Faculty Senate Steering Committee (MFSSC) as well as the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (CAFR). While CAFR meets on an "as needed" basis the MFSSC meets monthly to discuss issues that are important to the faculty.


Frances K. Barg, PhD, MEd

Chair, Medical Faculty Senate

The MFSSC is a venue where medical school faculty have input into policies, procedures, curriculum and faculty well-being. It is also a place where members can learn about school-wide initiatives, priorities and resources. Members are expected to serve as liaisons between the committee and their home departments, centers and institutes.

Our theme for the 2020-21 year is Addressing Culture. We are undertaking a deliberate set of steps to gather information about existing programs and policies that are designed to address the culture within the Perelman School of Medicine and the wider university including issues related to diversity, inclusion, equity, civility, hiring, retention and professionalism. We will engage in real conversations about ways that we can tackle explicit and implicit policies and practices that affect faculty and learners. Our goal is to  generate action steps to affect in a positive way the culture in which we work. We look forward to having you be part of this important group.

Please click here to view the ongoing repository of information that we are gathering this year.