Nominations Due October 15, 2022

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Read Carefully

PLEASE NOTE: The review committee will only consider nomination applications that are complete, submitted within this survey, and on time. Do not email materials to review committee members. No exceptions.


  1. Chairs do NOT need to be the nominator, they can be, but not required, nominations can come from any Penn Medicine employee
  2. Department Chairs/Division Chiefs, Physician leader of Penn Specialty Practices/Penn Primary Care, or CEO LGH, PMC, CCH or Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse (as appropriate to candidate) MUST:
    • Acknowledge that they fully support the nominee
    • Confirm nominee spends at least 60% of their time in clinical care
      • Doesn’t have to be 60% clinical billing days, could be 2 billing days and 1 day where they do case conferences, tumor boards, clinical trials
    • Support the nominee in fulfilling their responsibilities as a member of the AOMC
    • Confirm nominee meets ALL professionalism expectations
      • Lack of state-board sanctions
      • No active remediation plan
      • Minimal professionalism concerns in learner evaluations, Penn safety net, etc
      • Minimal founded patient and safety complaints
  3. Department Chairs cannot be nominees.

The Nomination Process

Nomination is a two step process.

  1. collect all required materials before beginning this survey
  2. upload all required materials here as discrete files to the appropriate survey questions

Required Materials

​​​​Please Read Letter Requirements Carefully: All submitted letters should provide specific examples that illustrate the principles and requirements for election to the AoMC, and address areas such as the nominee’s core philosophy regarding patient care and teaching/training, mastery in clinical care and delivery, personal values and beliefs, the importance of professionalism, and any other qualities relevant to being a member of the AoMC. Do not submit letters of support for academic promotion.

1. Letter of Nomination

A letter of nomination should meet the following criteria:

  • identify the submitter as the nominator
  • summarize the accomplishments of the nominee

NOTE: The Letter of Nomination should not restate the nominee's CV.

2. Additional Letters

A MAXIMUM of THREE (3) additional letters of support from others (faculty, staff, trainees) may be submitted. ONE (1) of these letters may be from outside Penn Medicine. Letters should NOT REVIEW THE NOMINEE’S CV, but should illustrate the principles and requirements for election to the AOMC such as:

  • The nominee’s core philosophy regarding patient care
  • The nominee’s exemplary “role modeling” in clinical care, teaching, training
  • The nominee’s clinical mastery, program development, exemplary health care delivery
  • The nominee’s professionalism
3. Leadership Attestation Form

Leadership Attestation Form requires that the Department Chair/Division Chief, Physician leader of Penn Specialty Practices/Penn Primary Care, or Chief Executive Officer of Lancaster General Hospital, Princeton Medical Center, Chester County Hospital, or Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse (as appropriate to candidate) affirms that

  • he/she/they acknowledge and are in support of the nominee in fulfilling responsibilities associated with being designated as a member of The Academy of Master Clinicians
  •  professionalism expectations have been met by the nominee as follows:
    • Lack of state-board sanctions
    • Minimal founded patient & safety complaints
    • Minimal professionalism concerns captured in learner evaluations, Penn Safety Net, etc.
    • Absence of active remediation plan

​​​​​​​Download the Leadership Attestation Form

4. The Nominee's Core Philosophy Statement (maximum 600 words)

This is NOT the personal statement submitted for academic promotion. The core philosophy statement for the AoMC will focus on the nominee’s core philosophy on what it means to be a physician, what moves and inspires them, what they believe service as a physician should reflect: what will be their legacy? 

  • Limited to “600 WORDS”
  • Should illustrate their passion, what it means to them to be a physician, what moves them, inspires them, and what the service of a physician should be. What will be their legacy? It should be personal to them
5. The Nominee’s CV

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Nominations Due October 15


Laurie A Loevner, MD, Chair of the Academy of Master Clinicians Nomination Committee

Founding Member of the Academy of Master Clinicians

Professor of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania