• This series is offered every other year, and is ideal for full-time faculty in years 1-3
  • Sessions are streamed online

2022-2023 Sessions


September 14 (Wed), 12PM-1: Overview of the Faculty Tracks


October 11 (Tues), 12PM-1: Faculty in their Role as Educators: Expectations & Opportunities


November 10 (Thu), 12PM-1: Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives


December: Research Resources & Support

No slides available


February 2 (Thu), 12PM-1: Professionalism Expectations & Processes: What Every Faculty Member Should Know


March 10 (Fri), 12PM-1: Preparing for Reappointment


April 4 (Tue), 12PM-1: Faculty Wellness & Well-Being

Past Session Topics

2020-2021 Sessions

September: Faculty Tracks: Reappointments & Promotions

  • Monday, 9/28, 12PM-1, Presenters: David Margolis, MD, PhD, Chair of COAP; Jessica Dine, MD, Associate Dean of Faculty Professional Development

  • Career Overview Session Slide Deck

October: Teaching Expectations & Evaluations

  • Friday, 10/9, 12PM-1, Presenter: Jennifer Kogan, MD, Associate Dean of Student Success and Professional Development

  • Teaching Session Slide Deck

November: Research Resources and Support 

  • Tuesday, 11/10, 3-4 -Updated Date, Presenters: Jonathan Epstein, MD, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, Louis Soslowsky, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Integration

  • Research Session Slide Deck

December: Research and Conflicts of Interest

January: Well-being and Support

February: Working with Industry

  • Thursday, 2/25, 4:00 - 5:00, Presenters: Viviane Martin, PhD, Director, Licensing, Perelman School of Medicine, Penn Center for Innovation; Rosaleen Morris Oskanian, Esq. MBA, Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Contracting Unit, Office of Clinical Research

  • Working With Industry Slide Deck

March: Mining Clinical Data

April: Networking with Twitter with @moorejh

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