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You will need:

  • Chair/Chief Approval: By submitting your application, you certify that you have chair/chief approval to participate.

  • Applications should include

    • CV
    • Personal Statement - Describe why you wish to participate in the program, and what you hope to gain. (300 word limit). 


  • 12:30-3PM
  • In person locations will generally be in Smilow or JMEC

Fall 2023

  • September 29
  • October 27
  • November 17
  • December 15

Fall 2022

  • September 30, In person
  • October 14, Zoom
  • November 18, Zoom
  • December 9, In Person

Spring 2023

  • January 20, In Person
  • February 24, In Person
  • March 24, In Person
  • April 21, In Person
  • May 19, In Person

  • 12-1:30
  • Online


  • September 5
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 17
  • November 7
  • November 21
  • December 5
  • December 19


"The program has been immensely helpful as junior faculty coming from a different institution. It has been a rapid, consolidated way to find out about resources at Penn and to meet engaging, accomplished faculty who are willing to help those of us starting our careers. It is the most rewarding program I have gotten involved with at Penn. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity." Jourdie Triebwasser, MD, MA, Assistant Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

"The program has afforded me exceptional mentorship and professional development experiences that will position me well for success on the CE track. The advice has been practical and actionable, which I really appreciate. It has also allowed me to network with other early career CE faculty across the university." Courtney Wolk, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Program Overview

The Perelman School of Medicine leadership is thrilled to offer a 4-semester career-development certificate program designed to provide Assistant Professors with the tools, strategies, and skills to maximize their success. Meet the program leadership ...

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Target Participants

  • PSOM Faculty (typically; interested candidates from other schools are encouraged to inquire) 

  • In years 2-5 of initial faculty appointment  

  • On CE track (typically; interested physician scientist candidates with a clinical research focus are encouraged to inquire) 

Key for faculty who have not yet developed a long-term strategic career plan


  • Provide junior faculty participants with the core competencies of successful academicians
  • Build skills for scholarship & reputation development
  • Support the creation of strategic career plans laid on foundations of team building & program development
  • Foster mentoring & sponsorship relationships
  • Orient participants in attitudinal domains toward resilience & self-care within the context of advanced approaches to time-management

Year One: Keys for Success

  • In-person and online sessions and opportunities for engagement
  • Regular 1:1 and group meetings with program mentors
  • One meeting/month, Friday afternoons 12:30-3
  • Fall 2023 Dates
  • Advancing research
  • Delivering talks
  • Identifying resources
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing time and energy
  • Maximizing mentorship
  • Negotiating, networking
  • Goal setting
  • Strategizing scholarly efforts
  • Understanding funding

Year Two: Scientific Writing

  • Manuscript rules and outlines
  • Thinking like a reviewer or editor
  • Titles and abstracts
  • Discussion section
  • Tables, figures, and data visualization

This program was formerly known as Academic Foundations. If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the Administrative Director: