I. Select a Chair and Form a Search Committee

II. Determine Position Needs

III. Follow Search Guidelines

IV. Engage in Active Outreach and Searching

V. Select Preferred Candidate


Select a Chair and Form a Search Committee

  1. Contact the Department Chair or Chief to notify them of search committee membership
  2. Select a Committee Chair for each faculty recruitment effort/position
  3. Review potential committee members with the Diversity Search Advisor (DSA)
  4. Initiate a Formal Search Process: use National and Limited Search Guidelines 
  5. Provide timelines and resources for committee members


Determine Position Needs

  1. Download: Interfolio Position Creation Template & Instructions
  2. Use the Position Creation Template to collaborate with Search Committee Chair and ensure all elements of the position are included
  3. Review position descriptions* for:
    • Appropriate Track and Rank
    • Accuracy
    • Clarity
    • Detail
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Required degrees
    • Target area or field
  4. Submit to Interfolio Faculty Search for DSA review and approval

*Reminder: Position descriptions should not be created to fit particular pre-determined candidates


Follow Search Guidelines

  • Publish position according to National and Limited Search Guidelines
  • Additional advertising should be published in women and minority organizations or journals.
  • A direct national search letter may be distributed to universities, departments, or programs.
  • All faculty applicants must apply online per university policy.
  • Faculty positions are valid in Interfolio Faculty Search for up to two (2) years.

Access resources and support for Interfolio Faculty Search


Engage in Active Outreach and Searching

  • Conduct outreach to diversify and expand applicant pool
  • Network at National Conferences
  • Search Committee Chairs and Members should contact peers at other institutions*
  • Engage DSA for recommendations for outreach 
  • Contact OIDE for a Diversity Candidate Database
  • Social Media outreach may include Twitter and LinkedIn (does not count as formal advertising)
  • List servs may be used for outreach (does not count as formal advertising)

*Reminder: Personal contact and direct outreach to individuals is important for diverse recruitment


Select Preferred Candidate

  1. Login into Interfolio Faculty Search to complete Search Documentation 
  2. Document all applicants in the search
  3. Document published advertisements and outreach in the search
  4. Identify selected candidate in Interfolio Faculty Search with appropriate track and rank
  5. Request Search Review from the Office of Academic Affairs
  6. Initiate Request to Recruit (RTR) and Draft Offer Letter

Access resources and support for the RTR