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Print-and-Go Penn Medicine Academy's Real Time Feedback Tip Sheet

Real Time Feedback

  • Can occur between any two people, regardless of either's position in an organization, and is generally informal in nature: it is not the formal type of feedback a manager provides an employee or an attending provides a medical student. 
  • Takes place immediately or shortly after an observed behavior.
  • May be positive: "What you just did was really impressive. May I take a moment to tell you why I think so?"
  • May be constructive: "What you just did was really inappropriate. May I take a moment to tell you why I think so?"

A culture of respect needs individuals with the courage to give real time feedback, but real time feedback can be challenging to do effectively!

What to Do

Describe what you observed

Describe the impact

Communicate what to do in the future

"In our team meeting today, and your revised presentation was really engaging." "The new visuals really helped me understand how the all the data is interrelated." "I would the revised deck for your upcoming talk."
"I overheard you speaking with _____ this morning, and it is not appropriate for you to call her 'hon.'"

"In a professional environment, "hon" come across as condescending."

"Please don't use terms like 'hon' with members of the team."
"I thought you ran that family meeting quite impressively." "I could tell they left feeling much better." "They clearly appreciated your jargon-free explanations and caring demeanor."