The Mentee Toolbox


Career Strategy

As a new faculty member, you will be quite busy, but stay focused and keep in mind that the reappointment process starts at appointment. Right away, you will want to make sure that you follow key best practices and complete requirements. 

  • Review your Academic Plan.
    • Your Academic Plan is a job description that details expected effort distribution across teaching, clinical service, and administrative duties (if applicable). Your Academic Plan is used as a frame of reference at time of reappointment (and promotion, if applicable). Therefore, it should be reviewed yearly to ensure it accurately reflects department expectations and your clinical schedule.
  • Keep your CV updated.
    • Your CV should be maintained in the Faculty Expertise Database (FEDs), accessed via My.Med (with your Pennkey). 
  • Complete the Professional Development Teaching Requirement.
  • Review the Education and Evaluation Requirements for ACs, and use the PSOM Education Activities Workbook to track educational effort. 
    • At reappointment, you will need to demonstrate you have met your required teaching effort effectively.
    • For teaching not formally evaluated by the Perelman School of Medicine (e.g., longitudinal mentoring and lab rotations), reach out to your Education Officer to discuss options for demonstrating effectiveness.
  • Cultivate multiple mentor relationships.
  • Review the PSOM Committee on Appointments and Promotions Guidelines.

Update FEDS each time you present an abstract/poster, publish a paper, give a talk, join a committee, acquire a new role, or receive an award. Update your PSOM Education Activities Workbook or other tracking document each time you give a talk or teach.



Academic Clinicians are reviewed for Reappointment at the rank of Assistant Professor every three years. You can continue to be reviewed at this rank ongoing. Reappointment at the Assistant Professor rank involves demonstration of ongoing teaching and clinical excellence, and a sustained record of professionalism. For ACs at the Associate or Full Professor rank, review for Reappointment is generally offered every five years. At Reappointment, the Department Committee on Appointments and Promotions (D-COAP) will likely

  • Review your CV and teaching evaluations
  • Evaluate your Academic Plan to ensure your effort is consistent with the track and that goals are realistic and achievable


Key Questions to Prepare for Your Reappointment 

 At or by your second reappointment, you will include your Area of Concentration (AOC) in your reappointment materials. 

Academic Clinician faculty with outstanding teaching and clinical performance may be proposed by their department for promotion to the rank of Associate after two Reappointments. If you subsequently meet the criteria for promotion to full Professor (typically after five years at Associate level), your department may propose you again for promotion.


Key Topics to Discuss With Your Mentor(s)