The PSOM Speed Mentoring Program in Work-Life Integration Pilot

We are piloting a new program to run during the 2019-2020 academic year: PSOM Speed Mentoring for Work-Life Integration. The idea is help junior faculty reach out to established faculty and in essence ask: “how do you do it?” Through this program, we hope to contribute meaningfully toward supporting a culture that values mentoring in its many forms, specifically 

  • Increase a sense of belongingness for all faculty participants
  • Encourage connections, both professional and personal, that cross division/department lines
  • Provide a channel through which established faculty work-life experiences can operate as work-life integration models for junior faculty

Here’s how the pilot will work.

  1. We recruit established faculty who are willing to offer a little time, share their experience, and provide guidance. Mentors need not be trained life coaches, have strong points of view on work-life issues, or “have it all figured out.”
  2. We establish program parameters.
    1. This is “speed mentoring” because the program commitment is 1-2 meetings per mentee of about an hour each
    2. Unless the mentor specifies otherwise, we would keep the #s to 1-2 mentees per year
    3. Mentors and mentees do not share a home division/department
  3. We publish the program for junior faculty
    1. We provide a list of potential mentors, with a few details about them, including hobbies, and areas of work-life integration in which they are most comfortable discussing – Mentees do not reach out to them directly. 
    2. Mentees select their top 3-5 choices and send them to FAPD via form
    3. FAPD provides introductions and contact information, including scheduler information
  4. We evaluate the program at the end of the academic year

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